I suck. Thank you.

Ampun beribu - ribu ampun tak update. Sorry ! Really sorry ! Walaupun blog ni teruk , but I still have to update it. Forgive me , awesomies.


These days , sibuk dengan sekolah . I know right , nerdy gila.

And finals nak dekat. 17th October. Harap-harap jealah , it's not until my birthday , 28th October ^^ 15th is Hae's (: Kalau tak tau sape , senyum jea ~ Anyways , I seriously kene catch up dengan maths , I swear kalau tak catch up , sah-2 fail. Boo ~! My friends semua dah pandai maths. It's just me ! And deaorang semua macam jahat jea taknak ajar. Pfffft -,-

Hampeh betul. And my obsession over kpop pun tak habis lagi. Lagi gila ade lah. Sorry. again. Kkk~ Wanting to learn korean lah pulak , bukan pasal llagu-2 korean , language dea memang unique. Sounds fun trying. Nak try over the summer break ^^ 

Oh , my wishlist untuk my birthday. Nak letak jugak kat blog nih ! [ Hoping my parents akan baca no ? ] I can still hope ~~

  • Ipod touch [ I alrdy have half the money, tolong topup kan je sikit ~?
  • Guitar [ cause i just rule at playing it. Well , nak belajar. ]

  • SS4 tickets [ cos I just love these people ]

  • And a boyfriend. Pleaseeee. God , i seriously need a boyfriend. HAHA. Hae is too far away and doesn't know I exist. I totally lost contatct with Mr.Z . I just need someone.

Okay , emo dah. I have to make another entry untuk my baby cousin. Hari ni birthday dea  ;A;


Oh , the camp

I'm back after a couple of missing weeks . I went to camp bha . At Sarawak . HAHA . Power ken ? Well , should i tell you about it ? Boring leh . Boring sikit . So , i'll show some picts a bit ~

Oh , i lazy now . Pfft . Terrible rites ? Bang bang , I don't care /mehrong . I'm out .


Sorry , gonna stop this kpop thing . alrdy tired and sekolah dah mulaaaa -,- so , lots of school work and what not , so blog nih idle for awhile . sorry :(

Day #3 : My ultimate k-pop guy bias


Lee Donghae  

Henry Lau  
(baby faced maknae)

Kim Youngwoon  
(Yesung , weird octopus person) 

Day #2 : My favorite k-pop girl group

Oh , it's day 2 (: Well , personally , i like them the best :


Well , they're good to , but , i dunno why they have so many anti-fans . TERRIBLE . not them , the fans -,-


SECRET also awesome !